About Higher Shots

In major motion picture production, camera crews frequently use special booms that can lift a film camera high above the ground in order to get dramatic and sweeping images and scenes.

At Higher Shots, skilled photographer Mike Henderson captures stunning elevated images of homes, businesses, commercial property and other outdoor settings using a portable telescoping mast.  Specially designed for ground-based aerial photography and made in Germany, the system lifts his ultra resolution camera securely up to optimal heights of 50 feet above terrain.

Advantages of the Higher Shots system:

  • Outstanding high resolution photo quality and unique perspective.
  • Images that deliver exclusive competitive value to sales and marketing.
  • Non-intrusive – Small footprint of workspace needed.
  • Safe – No special permits required, the Higher Shots camera system easily avoids power lines and other possible obstructions.
  • Ground-based – Strong telescoping mast enables outstanding photo perspective up to 50 feet.
  • Highly portable – A fully portable system that is not vehicle mounted. This allows for the images to be obtained from the optimum location and angle.

Higher Shots specializes in providing elevated photography services to real estate, commercial clients and other businesses in the Washington, D.C. metro region, and the Northern Virginia area, including Fairfax, Loudon, Prince William and Arlington Counties, and the city of Alexandria.

The Higher Shots system captures detail that is simply missed by ground based images. Our images deliver stunning quality and appeal from unique perspective to enhance sales, promotion and marketing programs.